Weekend ramblings and Succulents

So it is a weekend and I want to try new things.

I was thinking about buying some land, and grow something that let me live from it, take long walks, and shoot (photographically speaking, of course) in the surrounding area, or documenting how everything grows, who knows maybe I could even have horses, cows, chickens. Imagine that, soft winds, warm sun, the sound of the leaves, no traffic, I could live very happily there. That would be a little piece of heaven on earth.

But I had to land my bit pricey dream that could take several years of savings, lots of hard work to accomplish, without mentioning learning the skills needed to maintain all that. However, back to square one, I want green, nature, I want to plant something!!!! and since I don’t have that much space, or skills either, ta daaa… succulents it is.

I’ll try to multiply them!!! Seems possible. I’ll keep you posted in the process.

So everything set and ready, here are the first couple of them.






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