Last month I had the opportunity to be a part of the Somos Retreat. We were a group of female photographers, all part of Clickin Moms community that meet here in Guatemala.  Actually, I live just a couple of hours away from where Project Somos is located. 

I never imagined that this experience would be so touching and deep.I was eager to know all about the CM Pro’s photography secrets, but once everything started it turned into a sharing, life changing, humbling experience.

Project Somos is an organization that helps women and children but they don’t limit what they do to “run” it, they put their lives into it. As soon as you get there you feel the love they give the mamas and the kids. It goes from a roof to a healthy and delicious way of cooking, surrounded by caring people, helping families to get back on their feet, just like a welcoming family would do. In the most beautiful piece of land.

While on the retreat we approached families, playing and sharing what we know about photography. It was so rewarding to share and see so much happiness lightened in them.  They took beautiful photos and we all had a great time. They shared with us a lot about their Mayan culture, showed us their looms and some of the crafts that they do for a living.   I cannot put into words how much I admire the Project for touching and improving so many lives. I can only say thank you for letting me be part of your world even for a week.

**The mission of Project Somos is to protect the safety of the women and children which it serves.  For more information about the Project Somos Children’s Village, please visit projectsomos.org)**

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